23 July 2008

To Love Or To Leave ??

Hi... Ah, it's been rather a long time since I last posted on this blog eh ?! :-)... The results of my fourth year final exams have appeared earlier this week, and unfortunately I and two of my closest girlfriends at college couldn't succeed in our final OB exam... That means we'll have to go through a 2nd trial final OB exam in September Inshallah... Remember guys the story that I told you about in March earlier during this year about me and my closest girlfriends cheating death twice during one day ?! For those of you guys who haven't heard about this story before, here's the link to it : dijlarq.blogspot.com/2008/03/cheating-death-twice.html. Since the 3rd of March and till now, we've been through a very fierce battle with both our college and our university inorder to make our college either re-examine us or count for us the final OB exam from ninety degrees (because the OB exam we couldn't have was a midyear exam from thirty degrees !!)... But in the end our beloved college has decided to give us zero from thirty degrees for the midyear OB exam that we couldn have, and because thirty degrees from one hundred degrees were missing, we couldn't pass our final OB exam successfully !! We intend to go on with our battle against both our college and our university till the last day before our 2nd trial OB exam in September Inshallah, in spite of the fact that I don't feel very much hopeful about all of this, after all this is Iraq that we live in, where nothing at all currently goes in the right direction, nothing at all !! Let me ask myself and all of you guys this question : Why do Iraqis always keep complaining about the outside world being so cruel to them and unwilling to help them out while we ordinary Iraqis are unwilling to help each other out, while we ordinary Iraqis are unwilling to show some mercy and kindness to each other ??! With my love... Yours forever, Lubna...


Anonymous said...

salam alycom dear Lubna,
I'm so sorry that you didn't pass your exam, I know it's hard for you, especially that it isn't your fault. Look this year there was a very tough procedures in correcting papers in all colleges. Because what the teachers said "the improvement in the security situation"
I don't know is there any connection between bringing the students down, and the improvement in the security situation in Iraq??!!!
yours truly,
Zainab from Iraq

Dennis said...

I know, Lubna...You will do better on the NEXT exam...

Love, Dennis

Abdelilah Boukili said...

Hi Lubna,
Don't worry. You still have time to prepare for the second trial.
Just consider the first trial was just a mock exam and that in September you'll have the real exam.

You should know you are going to take this exam not just for yourself, but also for all your friends around the world. So don't disappoint them!

You lived through many ordeals. Consider your next exam as a challenge. Don't let despair overwhelm you!

voice of one crying said...

oh my goodness, lubna! i am so sorry to hear that your college isn't giving you a special consideration for the OB exam, given the horrible scare you had on the way to school that one day. please tell your 2 girlfriends that i am thinking of you all, and with you in solidarity!

you ask why it is that people who are under opression (the iraqi's) can't give their own people a break. i don't know why, but my sense is that in any kind of suffering, people have a risk of going into deprivation mode, or poverty of spirit, and it can be hard for them to act from the generous part of their being, because they themselves are scared. perhaps the administrators who are refusing to budge are being that cruel, because they themselves feel threatened by the current state of unrest. they might feel they need to keep the upperhand of being "mean," so no one can accuse them of not being disciplined enough. i don't know. it's not excusable, but i can understand how under extreme situations, people can resort to less than fair behaviour!

but you are right, you women deserve to be treated with fairness, which would be to make an alternate way for your exam to be tallied, given your special circumstances.

i know you'll succeed. study with Allah in your heart, in your eyesight, and my own bright cheering for you! all my love, yours forever, anita

Amy said...

Lubna dear, As I said on a WHYS post, things will work out the way they are meant to. I know in my heart that you will be a wonderful doctor someday. My daughters want you to become the best doctor you can so you can come to Oregon and be their doctor. They love you lots and want you to be safe and happy (as do I!!) Be well and have faith. All the best, Amy