27 March 2008

I'm being torn apart by me, and the whole world is just watching

Hi. Remember what I've just told you about my dream that I saw last night ?! Actually I've imagined myself seeing that dream ! :). I needed to imagine myself seeing that dream because I really needed to explain to myself and to you why all those horrific things are happening to my Iraq. The thing that really scares me is that SOME Iraqis do care about wealth, influence, and power more than they care about their Iraq, that SOME Iraqis have forgotten that they're IRAQIS. Just take a look at what is happening in my Iraq these days : The Iraqi government and the Iraqi security forces are launching an assault against Al Mehdi army in Basra and other Iraqi cities including the capital Baghdad on behalf of Badr militia. And the biggest loser in this continueous power struggle is the Iraqi people. In the meantime rockets and morter shells continue to fall around upon the heads of innocent Baghdadi civilians in many Baghdadi districts including my beloved district, Al Karradah. With my love. Yours forever, Lubna.

Was it only a dream ?

Hi. Last night I saw a very weird dream, and I thought I'd share it with all of you guys. I saw myself standing in a large green field, and suddenly I saw a very beautiful guy standing infront of me. He was soooo old, but at the same time soooo beautiful, BUT..... In each of his hands there was a knife, and, and... He was stabbing himself with his own hands !!! I shouted 'What on earth are you doing ?!' He replied 'Please, can you ask them to stop ?!' I said 'Who ?!' He said 'My hands. They just keep stabbing me and I can't stop them !'. I said ' I just don't know how. But if they're that harmful to you and they just wouldn't stop stabbing you then, then... May be we should better CUT them and get rid of them !' He shouted 'No ! No ! You can't do that ! They're MY hands !'. I asked 'How old are you ?!' He smiled and replied 'Oh, I just don't remember, I was around since the beginning of time. For 35 years my hands were chained, and suddenly 5 years ago strange people came and broke away my chains, put knives in my hands and just sat watching my own hands stabbing me over and over again. Why should they care about me at all while my own hands don't ?!' I asked 'How can I save you my love ?!' He smiled again and replied 'May be we should start by reminding my hands that after all they're my hands, and that they belong to me, and that if anything wrong happens to me, then they'll be the biggest losers !'. I shouted 'Yes, but how ?!' And suddenly I just woke up. So it was only a dream, wasn't it ?! With my love. Yours forever, Lubna.