20 March 2008

2003-2008... Iraq, where to-Part 3

Hi. Today marks the fifth anniversary of the US invasion of my Iraq and the overthrowing of Saddam's regime. On a day like this I can't help asking myself this question : Is there really any hope for the future of Iraq ?! The problem is that the answer to this question is far more complicated than yes or no. Nobody can deny that the security situation on the ground in Baghdad right now is much much better than it used to be before. But also nobody either inside or outside Iraq can tell whether this improvement is temporary or perminant. The security situation on the ground in Baghdad is so fluctuating and so unpredictable. There're times when hope seems so close, but there're also other times when hope seems too far away. But as an Iraqi, I do believe that there's always a place for hope, and that this long night will surely come to an end, soon or later it will, Inshallah ! Another question that's often being asked on such a day : Should the American occupation forces stay or leave ?! As for me, I say that they should stay until they clean up the mess they've taken part in creating in my Iraq. And finally on Such a day I want to send tons of love to my Precious American friends : Anita, Ian, and Amy. With my love. Yours forever, Lubna.

16 March 2008

2003-2008... Iraq, where to ? Part 2

Hi. Since 2003 and till this moment Iraq has been facing major security challenges. So many innocent Iraqi civilians have either lost their lives or got serious disabilities. Satistics estimate that in Iraq at the moment there's one million widow and five million orphans. Bombed cars, roadside bombs, morter shells,explosive belts and sudden curfews have become an integral part of our daily life routine. The exact number of the Iraqi civilians who have been murdered since 2003 and till now is unknown, but may be the range that most satistics agree on is from 300 000-600 000 people. One of the most important consequences of the deteriorated security situation in Iraq is the massive immigration of Iraqis to the outside (2 million Iraqi immigrants most of them in Jordan, Syria and the UAE). Another problem which may be considered as a part of the first one is the massive brain drain from Iraq. Since 2003 and till now organised gangs have been threatening and targeting Iraqi brains. So many Iraqi doctors, college professors, journalists and artists have either been murdered or had to leave because of the threats they've received. It's pretty obvious that there has been always a systematic plan to empty Iraq from its brains in an attempt to disrupt the cultural structure of the Iraqi society. At the moment the ultimate dream of Iraqis in general and Baghdadis in particular is to survive. Almost every Baghdadi family has lost one or more loved ones during the last 5 years. Our hearts are already bearing so many scars that it's really so hard for us to endure a new scar. After 5 years of the US invasion Iraqis are traumatised, scared, extremely and continueously worried, despaired, disappointed, and so tired of themselves and of everything around them. With my love. Yours forever, Lubna. PS, to Precious Amy in Oregon, USA : Your place will be always in my heart.