03 March 2008

Cheating Death, TWICE

Hi. Today I was supposed to have my big obstetrics exam. The majority of the main roads in Baghdad are blocked since yesterday because of the visit of Mr Nijad to Baghdad. Early in the morning today at about 6:45 Am my driver came to my house to pick me up to college, my two girlfriends were in the car (It's extremely unsafe for Baghdadi girls to use the public transport to move around in Baghdad, so I and 3 of my best girlfriends have hired a private driver inorder to pick us to college). As we got closer to the district in which my college lies, a roadside bomb has exploded at a close distance ahead of us. So we all decided to go back home. On our way back home, another roadside bomb has exploded also at a close distance behind us. I saw the other car flying in the air. So in the end we got back home. And We missed our obsestrics exam. And that's a very ordinary day of our ordinary daily Baghdadi life. Our Iraqi government and the International community are asking us to go on with our daily lives in a way which is as close to normal as possible inspite of the hidden death in every street of Baghdad, and this is not acceptable at all. All Iraqis must go on a continueous peaceful generalised strike until all our political leaders, the US occupation forces, and the whole International community get together and do something to end this tragedy. Do you think that Iraqis are alive ?! No my good friends, Iraqis are experiencing SLOW DEATH on daily bases. And this has to stop. Enough is Enough. With my love. Yours forever, Lubna.


Anonymous said...

Lubna, when I saw this posted by Iain at the WHYS blog I was shocked. Thank God you're still alive. Take care.

Amy said...

Lubna, I am so sorry that you and your friends and family must go through this. Please know that as an American I am appalled that my country has played a major part in the terror you are experiencing on a daily basis. My hope for the future is that cooler heads prevail and peace can return to your country. I pray for the day that you can go to school and your biggest worry is whether you will pass your exam (which I am sure you will do!) Please stay safe! Your friend from Beaverton, Oregon, USA, Amy

Hisham said...

Al Hamdou Lilah 3ala salamtik ya Lubna. Please keep safe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lubna,
I admire your courage in these difficult times and wish you best of luck for your exams.
I am currently working for WHYS for a month. The team talks and thinks about you every day.
All the best,