13 August 2009

Why Are We Winning ?!

Hey it's me again ! :)... Oh my gosh, it must have been over a century since I last posted something on this blog eh ?! :)... Anyway, alot has happened in my Iraq since my last blog post, many good things and also unfortunately many bad things... You know something, we ordinary Iraqis over the years have become used to living with bad stuff, so guys, it's alright really, you do not have to worry about us, we're doing just fine... If you guys follow the news coming out of my Iraq recently, you'd surely find that the number and the amplitude of terrorist attacks targeting innocent Iraqi civilians all over the country have risen sharply during the past few weeks, and all of this is really, really bad right ?! But you know what ?! We're still winning, the score is in our favour, and "THEY" are so losing, you know guys why ?! It's because we ordinary Iraqis have decided that we cannot take all of this crap anymore, we're just so sick with it all, and we've decided that it's time for us to move on and put all of this mess and insanity behind our backs... That's right guys, ordinary Iraqis are right now more conscious and alert than ever, right now we know better, and because we know better, we won't simply let "THEM" control us... We're still scared, we're still sad for our loved one whom we've lost, and we're still anxious and apprehensive, but the fear is just not too morbid as it used to be before... In the past our fears used to prevent us from pursuing our day to-day lives like humans normally do, they used to hinder us back and strangulate us, controlling like every second of our miserable days, but now it's all so different, we're still afraid but we're not despaired, we're still sad but we're not miserable, there's anxiety and apprehension, but they're mixed with optimism and hope for a better tomorrow to come, so despite the increasing number and amplitude of terrorist attacks recently, the streets of Baghdad are crowded with people and cars, ordinary Baghdadis aren't at all afraid of going out of their houses and moving out and about around the city, trying to pursue their day to-day lives in a normal or at least semi-normal way, so that's why we're winning guys, because we're not so afraid of living like human beings anymore... With my love... Yours forever, Lubna...

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