21 October 2008

Please Meet The True Jihadists

Hi it's me again ! :-)... This post is dedicated to all passionate anti-Islamic WHYSers... I do want all of you guys to meet "me", "my family members", "my close relatives and good friends", "my teachers at college", and "all of good Baghdadi citizens that I know", all of us are really so proud to be "true jihadists" guys, oh yes we are ! Jihad is what our day to-day lives are all about, and I am really so sure that all of you guys are so familiar with the term "jihad" and with what it means in Arabic right ?! Jihad means holy struggling or fighting, and that's exactly what all of us are doing on daily bases... We're just continuing our daily holy struggle inorder to get everything right in a city where almost nothing goes in the right direction, inorder to go on with our daily lives in a way which is as close to normal as possible, inorder to be to pursue our very ordinary dreams and to be able to keep up hope, optimism, love, mercy, goodness, and faith in tomorrow alive inside our hearts despite all of this rage, hatred, madness, misery and grief around us... Yes guys, we're all extraordinary jihadists, and we do have the right to be really proud of ourselves, because despite all of what "has happened" to us, we've managed so far to live day by day according to what our humane consciences and moral codes imply on us to be, because despite all of what "has happened" to us, we've been so far able to smile to each other, think of each other, care about each other, fear for each other, and love each other irrespective of our ethnic, religious, and sectarian backgrounds... Really BRAVO to us !! With my love... Yours forever, Lubna in Baghdad...

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Bunc said...

A timely reminder about the struggle for ordinary Iraqi's in just living while their country comes out of very dark days. The description of your type of Johad can earn nothing but respect from anyone.

Sadly there are those in the Islamic world who seem to think that Jihad means machine gunning and bombing innocent people and using thirteen year old boys to carry bombs.
Ultimately only Islamic people themselves can stop these madmen in their midst.